Sponsors and Exhibitors Sign-on for RT Imaging Summit & Expo

Sponsors and Exhibitors Sign-on for RT Imaging Summit & Expo

Sponsors and Exhibitors Sign-on for RT Imaging Summit & ExpoOEMs are joining aftermarket companies to display new technologies, products and services to the imaging industry in North America.

Recycling Times Media (RTM), with support from the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly (GrCI), is preparing for RT Imaging Summit & Expo 2015 on May 14 – 15 at the South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the newest hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

Konica Minolta, one of the largest providers of digital imaging technology in the world, and Ultrex Business Systems, a major dealer and distributor of digital imaging technology in California, are the latest to become RT Imaging Summit sponsors and exhibitors.

Other sponsors and exhibitors to date include (alphabetically) Chinamate Technology Co., Ltd., Graphic Communication Institute At Cal Poly, Locator Magazine, Nature Toner Co., Ltd., Retech Technology International Limited, Ultrex Business Systems, Zhuhai Altman Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Jialianxin Imaging Products Co. Ltd., Zhuhai Polytoner Image Co., and Ltd., Zixingshi Heshun Technology Printing Materials Co., Ltd.

Former Washington Redskins, Super Bowl player Dan Burmeister—who is presently Eastman Kodak’s Director of Sales for the Extended Materials Business—has agreed to be the Key Note speaker.

The RT Imaging Summit & Expo 2015 is breaking new ground in content and venue, having taken over from the Toners Conference of the past 31 years, the program contains a balance between toners, inkjet, and commercial printing while addressing new technologies, market trends and legal updates of interest to OEMs, the aftermarket sector, and service providers.

For all program information including presentations and speakers, see: bit.ly/RTsummit (Or Click Here)

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Accommodation:  South Point Hotel & Casino

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