Indian Remanufacturers Warned

Hundreds of cartridge remanufacturers in India have been warned they are risking the health of their employees when they simply blow waste toner out of the empty cartridges.

Literally hundreds of remanufacturers have lined up at the Image1 booth at the Indian Recharger Expo in Mumbai. They wanted to place their hands inside the RK-555 vacuum, cleaning machine to feel how the toner was being captured.

R. S. Bajwa (pictured holding the air compressor inside the vacuum unit) told RT Media’s David Gibbons, who watched the crowd’s reaction with interest, that most businesses in India are unaware of the harmful impact of toner floating in the air. “Most remanufacturers simply blow the waste toner into the air when cleaning out the empty cartridges before refilling. It’s an environmental disaster and a major health issue,” Bajwa explained.

The RJ-555 vacuum cleaning machine is manufactured in India by Image1 Equipments Technologies in New Delhi. The machinery is sold outside of India as well into the African, Middle-eastern and Asia continents.

According to Bajwa, he is looking for distributors of the equipment in Europe, the next region the company plans to target their range of cleaning and filling equipment.

Hundreds wanted to see how toner dust could be efficiently and effectively captured during remanufacturing.

The three day expo in Mumbai has seen unprecedented attendances this year to the largest expo to be ever held in India.

More information about Image1 equipment can be found at or by emailing Bajwa at

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