Students-Invented Braille Printer to Exhibit in Japan

A braille printer invented by two students from Da Nang, Vietnam will be exhibited in Japan.
According to, the invention has won many prizes at national competitions. Unlike conventional printers, the braille printer created by Nguyen Thien Nhan and Dang Huynh Khanh Ly uses a needle instead of ink nozzles to create braille on the surface of cardboard.
Using plastic cover, the printer is only about one kilogram in weight, which is considered to be the outstanding feature of the printer. In addition, its components and accessories are made of recycled materials.
Essentially, the printer receives data via USB or connecting with computers. Some improvements will be made to the model brought to Japan, adding keyboards to allow users to print documents more easily.
The inventors expect the printer to be portable and manufactured on a large scale.
The printer is created to help visually impaired people read and process information and images. It is reported that three students from HCMC Industry University also invented a braille printer for the blind back in early 2016.

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