Largest MPS Supplier of UK Created

One independent MPS provider in UK has announced acquisition of its competitor, which made the company the largest provider of MPS in the country.

According to, Apogee Corporation has acquired Danwood, which will increase its group revenue to over £250 million. With this acquisition, Apogee will take over more than 8,000 transactional and 10,000 current customers from Danwood, along with a base of OEM partners. Besides, the number of its employees will reach around 1,600.

Gary Downey, the marketing director of Apogee Corporation stated, “The key area that attracted us was the scale of the business and the scale of the client base. As well as a good commercial base there are lots of corporate, major account and government framework customers, and these are areas where there is a lot of opportunity for us to take the portfolio of Apogee to a new client base.”

Apogee had conducted acquisitions of five companies in 2016, including Kon-X, BAS Burosysteme, Direct Business Systems (DBS), Hibernian Business Equipment and CityDocs.

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