HYB Launches Service Vacuum XC-168

During RemaxWorld Expo 2019 which were held during Oct.17-Oct.19, HYB launched its self-developed Service Vacuum Model XC-168. Distributors with priority to order this model from the Presale Program will receive their first order in the first week of November.

Service Vacuum Model XC-168

“ The initial intention to develop this machine was to offer a more economic but high-quality tool to keep the remanufacturing workshop clean and tidy. There are already several models existing in the market but most of them are simply copying the successful model without considerating the feedback from the technicians. Most of them never discover that tube they are using for this machine doesn’t resist to the particle’s movement in the entire process and the life of the tube is very short. Some are made without FQ convertors and the power of the machines maintain too strong all the time and it’s very frequent for them to repair. We really want to make a difference by offering quality and cost-saving solutions to our customers. “ Said Mr. Gu, the technical manager of HYB.

HYB also released the replacement accessories for customers who will only need part of the replacement and recover the function of their machine after a certain period. The filters, tubes and other accessories can be purchased separately.

The 220V China, 220V EU, 110V American versions are available.
Please contact the sales professionals for more details, parameters and description of the machines.

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