Industry Mourns Death of Remanufacturing Pioneer

Industry Mourns Death of Remanufacturing Pioneer

Industry Mourns Death of Remanufacturing Pioneer

KMP AG Founder Passes AwayKMP AG announced on LinkedIn that its company founder and senior partner Mr. Heinz Gerhard Sieg passed away shortly before his 81st birthday.

The aftermarket printer cartridge industry, particularly in Europe, has been saddened by the death of the remanufacturing pioneer. C-RT extended its deepest condolences to the Sieg family.

C-RT’s David Gibbons was shocked to hear the news.  “Anyone who met Heinz, as I did on a flight to Dusseldorf some 20 years ago, realized immediately he was a giant in many ways,” said RT’s David Gibbons. “He was a tall and impressive man and when you engaged with him, you realized he was a giant in his thinking and foresight too. He was an important pioneer for our industry. I’m sad to learn he has passed.”

As reported by, G. Sieg was born on January 20, 1942 in Bromberg. After leaving school, he completed commercial training and a degree in business administration. From 1971 he worked in various positions for the German Federation of Trade Unions before becoming head of the Graf Bismarck vocational training center in Gelsenkirchen at the age of 33. Subsequently, in 1982, Heinz Sieg took over the management of the Regentrop & Bernhard production company in Wuppertal. In April 1988, Heinz Sieg founded KMP GmbH, which today is represented as KMP AG with eight companies throughout Europe and China.

Under the management of the well-rehearsed duo Heinz G. Sieg and his son Jan-Michael Sieg, the company developed from a three-man operation to one of the market leaders in Europe with over 500 employees. The product portfolio has changed significantly in recent years. A company has grown from the original ribbon producer, which turned to the new technologies of laser and inkjet printers in good time. The main part of the KMP turnover is generated today from ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

Heinz G. Sieg found personal happiness with his wife Ingrid, whom he married in 1964 and with whom he subsequently had sons Jan-Michael and Christian.

Over the years, KMP has also received numerous awards. This includes awards such as the Bavarian environmental award for the development and manufacture of resource-saving products (1995) or the MOE award for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements in Central and Eastern Europe (1998). In 2001 Heinz G. Sieg received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and in 2004 the Chairman of the KMP Board was honored with the State Medal for special services to the Bavarian economy.



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