HYB Holds Award Ceremony & Annual Summary Meeting 2022

HYB Holds Award Ceremony & Annual Summary Meeting 2022

HYB shared its Award Ceremony & Annual Summary Meeting 2022 with RT.

The meeting was held on January 12th, 2023 at HYB headquarters in Zhuhai, China. American Branch management and HYB sales leaders from Latin America and Canada joined the global R&D team in a video conference held with the overseas sales team.

Some highlights shared by HYB include:

Sales Growth and Branding Success

The data of 2022 acknowledged the sales growth of 34% compared with 2021 in the overseas market and 3 more HYB distributors were contracted in 2022 along with an increase of 52% sales for products with HYB’s various brands

– HYB Toner®, Zeus Toner®, ZIKOM® and CLEANOFFICE®.

“Nowadays it’s not common to see a manufacturer who still focuses on brand-building and especially for toner business of copiers. I am glad to be part of it and witness HYB’s milestone to grow distributor sales network to 42 distributors,” said Andres Rubio, HYB Business Development Manager in Canada.

Global Demand for HYB Color Toner Increases

The color toner formulas developed by HYB with R & D in Japan win great popularity among distributors and dealers who have been looking for OEM replacement in Canon®Imagerunner Advance series, Minolta® Bizhub series and Xerox® color copiers and they boosted HYB’s business in color toner segment.

Confidence Strengthening with Toner R & D

Shibata Testu, HYB’s toner professional in Japan expressed his pleasure to witness the success of HYB’s color toner and emphasized his strong willingness to work closely with HYB in order to launch more successful color toners developed by HYB.

Awards Ceremony and Prospect

Awards and recognitions for excellent performances were presented to several employees in sales, marketing, operations and logistics from all over the world. Group CEO, Vincent Chen, complimented the efforts which lead to a very successful 2022. Mr. Chen shared the strategy and plans for 2023 to draw a closure of the meeting.



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