Mike Josiah Named New STMC Chairman

Mike Josiah (pictured) has been named the third chairman of the Standardized Test Methods Committee by the Executive Director of the International Imaging Technology Council (Int’l ITC).

According to Tricia Judge, “Josiah has been a leading industry technical expert for 32 years and is eminently qualified to succeed Chairmen Dr. John Wyhof and Lester Cornelius.”

Judge added, “STMC is proud to have Mike take over the reins of STMC. He’s been helping the industry achieve best practices for years, so no one is better suited to become our next chairman.”

Josiah began his career in the imaging supplies industry in 1987 and has helped bring about many changes to the toner and digital printing industry. He has been the technical director at Uninet, a major supplier to the imaging supplies industry, since 2007.

Throughout the last three decades, Josiah has written monthly articles that have been published in industry magazines in multiple languages throughout the world. He has won numerous industry awards from different industry publications and organizations. He also manages and trains technical support personnel worldwide and has taught seminars at numerous trade shows and company-sponsored events.

As an active industry trainer, Josiah is one of the original STMC-certified trainers and has trained many companies globally on how to use this system in their daily practices and to become certified to enhance quality and sales.

“While I have always been proud to be one of the original certified trainers for the STMC, I’m deeply honored to take over as chairman,” Josiah said. “I know I have some big shoes to fill and I look forward to helping the STMC continue to grow, and also expand the use of the STMC guidelines throughout the industry.”

Josiah has been a critical part of the iColor Division at Uninet, and has extended his broad expertise and industry knowledge to the digital printing market as technical director, responsible for technical support, customer training, both in-house and on-site, on the use of their machines. Mike has been awarded six patents on technology he developed, and has more pending.

The Standardized Test Methods Committee (STMC) was founded in 1998. This global committee formed to find and promote standardized test methods for the printer cartridge industry. The test methods are used to evaluate printer cartridge performance. Standardized test methods make it possible to evaluate a cartridge anywhere and come up with the same test results no matter who tests it. Standardized tests do not specify how a cartridge must perform; they only measure it. STMC uses certain ASTM, ANSI and ISTA test methods, to test for cartridge yield and image quality. Many government contracts will only be awarded to STMC certified companies.

The International Imaging Technology Council represents the interests of the imaging supplies industry, including office-machine retail and repair, office-supply retail, computer retail, repair and networking companies, and all related industry suppliers. It also administers the STMC quality initiative that assures consumers that cartridges have been tested according to the industry’s highest standards.

For more information, see www.i-itc.org

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