Premium Copier Imaging Supplies

HYB Remanufactured Copiers

HYB Toner has been the First Choice of 600 importers in 77 countries for their solution of Premium Copier Imaging Supplies. There is an existing and potential network of HYB which based on importers who distribute high quality replacement toner, parts to dealers who are used to the Premium Copier Imaging Supplies as well as a group of importers in certain countries who are machine distributors.

Premium Copier Imaging Supplies

The demand for equipment has been big enough from the calls of our customers. The owner of HYB Group has the insight to develop the business that is sustainable and profitable for its distributors and it took years to establish its platform for investment in the equipment business. All his efforts have now finally turned HYB into a supplier of Remanufactured Machines such as copiers, printers and relevant multi-functional printers.

Since 2017, HYB integrated their Remanufacturing production of Drum Units and Fuser Units together with their Toner Cartridges factory and we would like to do one step more and expand our remanufacturing business to the machines.

The ultimate goal of HYB is always the cost-saving and satisfaction of our customers with quality products and solutions. Customers will be offered with great convenience on Toner cartridges, Drum Cartridges, Fuser Assemblies, even machines and their technical repair cost will be significantly cut down. This expansion is more like an “Upgrade” of our Industrial Chain and will definitely benefit our existing customers.

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