Huge Counterfeit Cartridge Den Busted

Counterfeit HP print cartridges and components, valued at about PhP900,000 (approximately US$19,239) have been seized by local authorities in Cebu, the Philippines.

As reported by TonerNews, the authorities conducted a raid against the office and warehouses of a counterfeiting operation and seized hundreds of counterfeit toner cartridges, ink cartridges, as well as counterfeit components. HP cooperated with local law enforcement to complete the action.

An HP spokesperson stated, “With counterfeit HP print cartridges, customers purchase what they often assume to be a genuine HP product, but they instead receive a cartridge that provides them with an inferior print experience. HP is committed to protect our customers and ensure they receive the right cartridge that prints in high quality when they choose Original HP print cartridges.”

According to the OEM, an original HP print cartridge has a security label with unique features such as a QR code and a serial number that can be validated on HP’s website, Moreover, the HP Tamper Evident Label on HP LaserJet Toner cartridges responds to heat, water exposure, cuts and rips.



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