HP Loses Appeal in Cartridge Case Against the 123inkt Foundation

Electronics brand HP acted incorrectly and insufficiently informed about the cause and solution of a blockage of private label cartridges in 2016. The brand must therefore pay compensation to Stichting 123inkt private label customers.

That is the ruling in the appeal between the two parties. That statement has not yet been made public through official channels, but webshop 123inkt shares a press release. It is not the first time that the parties are directly opposite each other. Earlier there was a lawsuit about whether or not to sell private label cartridges for HP printers. That case won ink. But there was also another case.

According to 123inkt, HP deliberately blocked private label cartridges in 2016 using pre-programmed firmware. The webshop then founded the 123inkt private label customers foundation in the same year. Where consumers could submit a claim against HP. HP took that foundation to court in 2016. A year later a verdict followed that did not turn out to the advantage of the Foundation. He then appealed . The final judgment followed last Tuesday.

According to the court, HP acted unlawfully and incorrectly and insufficiently informed about the cause and solution of the blockage of the private label cartridges. HP is liable for the damage suffered by the participants of the foundation. HP must pay compensation there. How high that amount is still to be determined.

(Translated from: https://twinklemagazine.nl/)


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