HP Launches 337 Investigation Against Memjet

HP has filed its first complaint of 2016 to the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC), requesting that USITC institute a 337 investigation concerning certain Inkjet printers, printheads, and ink cartridges thereof, as well as products containing the same.

According to copies of HP’s submission, provided to RT Media, HP accused 25 companies of infringing 6 of its U.S. patents Nos.US6260952B1; US6270201B1; US6491377B1; US7004564B2; US7744202B2, and US7090343B2. The proposed respondents include:

  • 6 Memjet’s Asia-based manufacturing operations and Memjet’s OEM partnerships;
  • 12 Memjet distributor respondents as well as other distributors of infringing Memjet printheads and/or ink cartridges;
  • 7 OEM respondents as well as other Memjet OEM partnerships.

The document also shows that all of “Memjet-powered” inkjet printers, printheads, and ink cartridges are included in the accused products.

To deny the accused products from entering into U.S., HP seeks a permanent General Exclusion Order (GEO) and a limited GEO as an alternative.  HP also seeks permanent cease and desist orders prohibiting the proposed respondents, their subsidiaries, related companies, and agents from engaging in the importation, sale for importation, sale after importation, offering for sale, marketing and/or advertising, distribution, use after importation, or transfer (except for export) within the U.S. on the products accused of infringing one or more claims of the asserted patents.

Currently, the USITC is reviewing the case and institution of the investigation is still pending.

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