HP Increases Some Product Prices on May Day

HP Increases Some Product Prices on May Day

HP Increases Some Product Prices on May Day

HP Increases Some Product Prices on May DayA distribution partner for HP printer and cartridge products in China says the OEM will increase its prices on May 1, 2021.

A hurried message, written in Chinese (pictured below) sent to RT Media on April 30, said, “Hewlett-Packard will adjust the prices of a series of products. From May 1, the ex-factory prices of some products of LLC long-life accessories and consumables, printers, plotter accessories, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, etc. will increase by 10-15%.”

The message from a China-based dealer partner who has requested not to be identified, also claimed the price increases would be worldwide.

HP Increases Some Product Prices on May DayThere is no official statement from HP at the time of reporting this news. As of press time, no exact reason for the price increase has been provided.

On January 12, 2017, HP raised pricing on more than 300 inkjet and laser toner cartridges between 10 and 15% with Office Depot outlets passing the rise on to consumers immediately.

Staff at RT have discussed the reasons for the price adjustment. One reason speculated upon is the cost of chip development and manufacturing as printer OEMs work hard to develop technologies that will prevent the aftermarket from gaining access with their supplies to OEM printers.

A shortage of chips—as was the case brought on by a fire at the core chip manufacturer AKM (Asahi Kasei) plant—will also have a dramatic impact on the production and availability of chips which impacts pricing as well.

Another reason for an increase in pricing could be related to the high cost of global shipping services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of shipping containers has more than doubled with no clear date when logistics will return to normal.

Traditionally, price increases that have hit consumers have been an opportunity for the aftermarket. End-users have used such occasions to look for alternative supply sources to run their printers.



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