Green Project Gear Granted Patent

California-based Green Project Inc. has been granted a patent (No. 9,588,478) by US Patent and Trademark Office for its dongle gear technology.

According to the company, the “Recoil GP” gear is for replacement OPC drums in laser printers. The unique layout and features of the gear reportedly meet consumers’ needs of high quality prints.

The company also claims that the “Recoil GP” gear has passed the examination of the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau. Entry of US is permitted as it is not covered by the GEO relating to Canon 337-TA-918 investigation.

The company claims that each “Recoil GP” gear contains special markings as well as a bright green coloration for quick and easy identification.

“Recoil GP” gear will be available in most of Green Projects’ popular monochrome and color toner cartridges.

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