E-Business Giant Hindered by GEO

It’s Amazon’s turn to have imports seized at the border by the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“Customs”). Amazon.com Inc. was attempting to bring Aftermarket inkjet cartridges into the country that allegedly infringe the 337-740 General Exclusion Order (GEO).

Based on the recommendation submitted by the Customs, the USITC determined a violation of 337-740 had been committed by Amazon.com Inc., located on Washington.

As stated in official documents copies secured by RT Media, the online sales giant is prohibited to import certain cartridges and components into the U.S. Any such products will be seized by the Customs.

On August 20, 2010, Lexmark International, Inc. filed a complaint alleging the following U.S. Patents had been violated: 5,337,032; 5,634,169; 5,758,233; 5,768,661; 5,802,432; 5,875,378; 6,009,291; 6,078,771; 6,397,015; 6,459,876; 6,816,692; 6,871,031; 7,139,510; 7,233,760; 7,305,204. USITC instituted an investigation on October 12, 2010. Following the completion of the investigation, the USITC issued the GEO.


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