Inkjet Products Entry Stopped

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) issued a seizure and forfeiture order to a California-based company violated the standing General Exclusion Order (GEO) related to Investigation No. 337-TA-691.

According to the legal documents submitted to RT Media, California-based Polaris E-Commerce Inc. attempted to import inkjet ink supplies and components into the United States. Later, the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“Customs”) found those products to be covered by GEO 337-TA-691. The Customs soon denied the entry of the imported products from Polaris E-Commerce Inc. and reported the case to the USITC. In response to the Customs’ report, the USITC approved and issued the seizure and forfeiture order against the company.


California Company Hit by 337-691 Investigation

Investigation No. 337-TA-691 is based on the complaint submitted by Hewlett-Packard Company. To date, the USITC has declared 32 seizure and forfeiture orders related to GEO 337-TA-691, while declaring 17 in 2016 and 1 since January, 2017. The USITC has issued 157 seizure and forfeiture orders to date, with 71 orders issued in 2016 alone and 5 in 2017. The details are as follows:

Complainant GEO Seizure and Forfeiture Orders Issued
Epson 337-565 (Ink Cartridge) 47 (19 in 2016)
HP 337-691 (Ink Cartridge) 33 (17 in 2016, 1 since January, 2017)
HP 337-723 (Ink cartridge) 22 (13 in 2016)
HP 337-730 (Ink Cartridge) None
Lexmark 337-740 (Toner Cartridge) 9 (4 in 2016)
Canon 337-829 (Twisted Gear) 23 (1 in 2016)
Canon 337-918 (Toner Cartridges) 20 (15 in 2016, 3 since January, 2017)
Epson 337-946 (Ink Cartridge) 3 (2 in 2016, 1 since January, 2017)

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