G&G Reborn Considered Out Standing in its Field

G&G Reborn Considered Out Standing in its Field

G&G Reborn Considered Out Standing in its Field

G&G Reborn Considered Out Standing in its FieldAccording to G&G, its “Reborn” range of remanufactured toner cartridges is a true environmental solution and ahead of what others can provide.

It could be a case where G&G Reborn is outstanding in its field, or out, standing in its field, as the supplied illustration might seem to suggest.

What is the G&G Reborn product?

G&G state its Reborn range is a green solution for use in copiers featuring remanufactured toner powders, empties and smart chips.

Government, finance, education, and telecommunication sectors are the major users of copiers along with contracted channels. They are sensitive to price but are usually not willing to sacrifice product quality. For this reason, G&G designed its Reborn range to meet their printing demands by providing an OEM-like printing experience and quality without an OEM price tag.

G&G state three key reasons why end-users would use the Reborn range:

  1. Empty Recycling, Environmental Behavior: The empty original cartridges that have been fully used are recycled and remanufactured, which reduces the waste of resources and leads to less pollution to the environment.
  2. OEM-equivalent Printing Experience: The toners that are not fully used are collected and the toner being resued is 100% original. These remanufactured toner powders together with the fully remanufactured used cartridges are fully compatible with the OEM devices. This means they have a lower defect rate, complete functionality and the same printing quality as original cartridges.
  3. Anti-firmware Capability, Worry-free Use: The smart chip provides users with precise printing information and data (including toner levels) and endows the cartridge with anti-firmware capability. This ensures worry-free use for consumers.

G&G claims there is a high demand for its Reborn series for use in Ricoh MP C/IM C, Canon imageRUNNER, and Konica Minolta bizhub C2 series of printers.

G&G Reborn Considered Out Standing in its Field

More information can be obtained by sending an email to info@ggimage.com requesting the same.

G&G Reborn Considered Out Standing in its Field



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