G&G Enhances Success Worldwide with New Package

The leading Chinese remanufacturer announces the use of new King Penguin package for its consumables, showing success in various regions worldwide.

King Penguin is the most prominent feature of the new package, which symbolizes the sprite of brave, friendliness, purity and South Pole. G&G says the King Penguin is always keeping forward and striving in severe situation, embodying the principle of the company.

G&G also states three advanced design used in the new package. First of all, a QR-code is presented on inkjet & ribbon box and users can scan it by mobile phone to know more about G&G cartridge and brand. Secondly, the new package has made from premium material with air-filling and polythene inner bag to avoid the unexpected damage during transportation. Thirdly, G&G guarantees the new package will be using eight different languages so as to facilitate the user’s operation from different areas.

The latest information shows that during the last year of 2012, G&G has made much progress in Russia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Italy and Australia. G&G also developed its agents in Latin America and Africa and now owns more than 30 agents in the worldwide.

About G&G

G&G is a world leading printing consumables brand from Ninestar, which is one of key players in the aftermarket. Ninestar has been focusing on quality, technology and one-stop solution. And Ninestar are dedicated in providing the best products and services to build a world class brand.

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