Global Printer Market Forecast 2012-16

According to a report from Photizo, global printer market shipment will continue to fall, decreasing to only 96 million units in 2016.

For the past 2012, Photizo expects a total shipment of 107 million shipments worldwide, which falls from 118 million in 2011. Some printer segments, which looked strong in late 2011 and early 2012, slowed down considerably late in the year.

The gloomy economic environment has been the main reason for the decline. Developments in mobile technology are also taking away people’s printing demands.

Photizo forecasts the printer market will continue to fall in the next few years. Global shipment in 2016 is expected to reach only 96 million units.

Despite the downturn trend, Photizo assures new developing opportunities in the industry. Regions like Asia Pacific, Latin America, and parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are expected to keep on growing.

“New technological developments in Smart MFPs that leverage improved scan and data access capabilities to operate in new digital workflow environments and business ink jets, including new page-wide-array products, will offer opportunities for printer manufacturers who continue to evolve their product lines to take advantage of changing market conditions,” said Larry Jamieson, director, Hardware Advisory Service & Supplies Advisory Service.

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