G&G Calls its Global Partners Together in Athens

G&G Calls its Global Partners Together in Athens

G&G Calls its Global Partners Together in Athens

G&G Calls its Global Partners Together in AthensScores of business people engaged in the distribution of printing consumables in 35 countries, assembled in Athens, Greece on September 15 and 16.

They received updates from G&G on new product offerings, branding, and marketing strategies to empower the growth of the premium brand through their individual and collective businesses across the world.

Thanks to COVID-19, it was the first time the networking conference has been run for three years.

Previous global events have been held in many countries for five consecutive years from 2015 to 2019, including Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Linda Fan (pictured center above) with Oleg Zhao and Adam Miao) welcomed scores of G&G partners and distributors from many countries at a dinner meeting. The senior vice-general manager of G&G reflected on the rich history and heritage of the host city for the annual conference.  Linda Fan also took the keynote address the next morning to share her vision for a stronger brand. “Many others claim to have high-quality, first-to-market, patent-respecting products and services,” she noted. “We have to find our point of differentiation if we are to keep our leadership market position and we know how to do that.”

G&G Calls its Global Partners Together in AthensHer comments echoed those of Eric Zhang (0pictured on screen), General Manager of the printing consumables business unit at Ninestar. Zhang pointed out, that even in tough market times, G&G has been able to grow. He identified five new initiatives and innovations that have been recently developed to build the brand with partners, distributors, retailers and end-users.

The marketing manager of the Greek-based G&G agency welcomed the delegates on the morning of day 2. He reflected on the rich thousands-year history of Greece, something the country has in common with China.

Singapore-based G&G agent shared some effective market strategies, RT’s International Director, David Gibbons, shared effective branding strategies. Other presentations from G&G brand and sales leaders from China and Europe included Adam Miao, Samuel Liang, Sam Fan and Selena He. This included market trends, G&G support programs, identifying “cash cow” popular products and industry intelligence.

“This is an important time for us to listen,” said the G&G Branding Director Adam Miao. “While we spent some time sharing and delivering important content, we also wanted to use this conference to hear from our partners what strategies and products have been successful, and what is on their support wish lists.”

G&G Calls its Global Partners Together in Athens

The author, David Gibbons, was invited by G&G to speak at the conference and to attend the sightseeing day at the Acropolis in Athens.

The partners shared successful strategies but also spoke frankly about the wish list of ideas and needs that would help make them more successful in finding customers and being more profitable.

The partners also were very vocal about the need for such events as the Athens conference. Apart from networking and receiving new product and marketing strategies, they each vocalised how being part of a successful brand gave them a sense of identity that will energise and empower their businesses.

“I hope to meet other G&G partners at the 2024 event,” one partner proclaimed in the bus that was returning the group from a sightseeing event at the Athenian Acropolis. “These past 3 days will be memorable for many reasons, but integral for my business.” He was applauded and cheered as a vote of affirmation shared by everyone else.



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