Digital Marketing – are we there yet, Africa?





Digital Marketing – are we there yet, Africa?

Patrick Naude, Owner, CMYK Industries, South Africa


There was much hype about digital marketing at the recent Barcelona event. As we know Africa is faced with its own problems, but digital technologies may provide a solution. More global companies are shifting focus to Africa offering support to various countries. Support in the forms of developing the infrastructure of road and transport, and the building of schools and hospitals. With the influx of growth there will be a natural progression to the bettering of technology in these countries.

Possibly the easiest way to get technology to the people is through mobile technologies. Cellular networks are doing great deals on smart phones, as it takes too long and is too costly to get the Internet rolled out to every region. I have seen growth and usage on social media sites like Facebook. Also the local “free advertising sites” where consumers can place articles for sale with their contact details—all at no cost. So Facebook and the local advertising sites Like E-bay are a stepping stone— the power of social media is benefitting young entrepreneurs in Africa. Once these young “users” become more educated in business and the markets, they will start exploiting the use of social media tools on many social media platforms. Networking has always been the best way to grow business, and social media plays right into that strategy. When they realize how powerful the Internet tools are, they will also start their own websites, be they very basic. Already, young entrepreneurs have started to create their own designs using the open source architecture called WordPress—all of this is free online to them.

In my view, we are indebted to search engines like Google (the most widely used one) as it provides access to the knowledge Africa needs to creep closer and closer to the rest of the world.

(Source: Edition 75, Recycling Times Magazine (English))

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