Cambridge University “Unprinting” Spin-out Obtains £1m Investment

Cambridge University spin-out Reduse, which has developed the ‘unprinting’ technology to remove print from paper for reuse, has got initial venture funding of nearly £1m (approximately US$1,558,600) from Cambridge Enterprise, the university’s commercialization arm, and the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund III.

According to CambridgeNews, Reduse’s technology uses lasers to remove print from laser-printed and photocopied paper. The process can be repeated several times without damaging the fibres of the paper. The paper recycled can help reduce 40% of a business’s paper costs and this new way of recycling can emit 80% CO2 emissions. The technology does not rely on the use of specialty inks which vanish over time or special printers and compatible ‘erasing’ machines. Instead, it works on standard laser-jet and copy machine toner.

Hidde-Jan Lemstra, CEO and co-founder of Reduse, said, “It is our goal to allow the reuse of paper, eliminating the need for recycling. Cambridge Enterprise and Park Walk Advisors, which manages the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund III, share this vision and are important partners as we continue to develop this technology.

“Over the course of the coming months, we will be working on prototype development and further engagement with customers while continuing our conversations with some of the biggest printer manufacturers in the world.”

Mike Arnott, Cambridge Enterprise Investment Manager, will join the Reduse board of directors. He stated, “We have been observing Reduse make impressive progress in their pre-funding stage. With such an enormous opportunity and a strong team, we’re looking forward to working with them.”

Stuart Evans, Chairman and Co-founder of Reduse and formerly CEO of Cotag International, added, “Plastic Logic and Novacem said ‘Unprinting’ is a unique, intuitive solution to a global problem. With a lot of interest from a very diverse customer base, I believe we are on the right track to developing something that will change the way we think about using paper.”



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