Jet Tec Partners with UK Wholesaler

UK remanufacturer Jet Tec has established a new partnership with UK’s leading discounter JTF. All of JFT’s thirteen stores across the UK will stock a range of Jet Tec inkjet products. Locations include Newcastle, Peterborough, Lincoln and Leeds.

Becky Capes, Jet Tec’s Business Development Executive, explains the foundation of the partnership: “We are very pleased to welcome JTF into the Jet Tec brand and to start planning a campaign together. Products are already looking to be distributed to stores this week, and we are also working towards hopefully getting Jet Tec ink onto their online shops. This will aid expansion, and with our continued training and support, we are confident that our relationship will be a fruitful one.”

As one of the leading low cost, large scale discounters in the country, JTF is confident it has the buying power to bag the best deals and can deliver efficient savings directly to customers.



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