Fujian Shunyin Combines Traditional Services with Modern Technology for Online Printing Services

Fujian Shunyin Combines Traditional Services with Modern Technology for Online Printing Services

Fujian Shunyin, headquartered in China, will showcase its innovative 66 printing platform at the RemaxWorld Expo held from October 12th to 14th this year.


According to Fujian ShunYin, the 66 Printing platform seamlessly merges traditional services with cutting-edge technologies. It achieves this by:

  • Integrating resources within the printing industry
  • Establishing end-to-end connectivity from system to service
  • Pioneering a novel business model for participants across the cloud printing sector
  • Delivering comprehensive solutions for diverse sectors including government, enterprises, maker spaces, and graphic stores.

The company claims its core technologies provide the capability to deliver the platform, which encompasses a range of cutting-edge features such as big data-driven intelligent subcontracting algorithms, a self-service printing system built into the full platform, an automatic order receiving system, a file transmission encryption system, automated production system, and IoT-based monitoring for printing equipment.

Drawing upon the specifics of printing requirements and its location, Fujian ShunYin automatically allocates printing resources to nearby factories or stores for production. Furthermore, it offers door-to-door delivery services for printed materials, ensuring real-time visual supervision of the printing and delivery processes.

A representative from Fujian ShunYin emphasized, “Our commitment is to provide a one-stop service that combines rapid printing and efficient delivery. Whether it is the printing of internal documents or external promotional materials, enterprises only need to complete the above simple steps to entrust the printing task to a professional team of Fujian Shunyin, ensuring high-quality output results, allowing enterprises to focus more on expanding their core business.”

As of now, Fujian Shunyin has settled in over 300 cities across the country. “We provide cloud printing services for well-known joint office spaces in China, such as iFlytek, WPS software, Maker stickers, Fuxin software, and State Grid. We have obtained 15 soft works, 1 patent has been declared, and 5 plans have been declared. The platform has over 18000 merchants, a daily printing volume of 15 million copies, and 6 million active users. Continuously providing comprehensive and comprehensive solutions for various participants in the cloud printing industry, as well as various fields such as government, enterprises, maker spaces, and graphic stores.” Added the representative.

Buyers can connect with Fujian ShunYin at RemaxWorld Expo 2023, where their staff and displays will be located at Booth No. 5315.

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