Four OEMs Named That Best Manage Services

Four OEMs Named That Best Manage Services

Four OEMs Named That Best Manage Services

Four OEMs Named That Best Manage ServicesFive awards have been scooped up by four printer OEMs for having the best-managed services offerings in North America.

After evaluating the research that was conducted, Keypoint Intelligence—a leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software, and services—has announced the winners.

The winners for 2020–2021 are:

To determine the vendors that lead the market in each category, Keypoint Intelligence invited the leading document imaging OEMs to participate in an in-depth study that covered areas such as a portfolio of offerings, primary differentiators, go-to-market strategy, ability to accommodate remote employees, and much more. Keypoint Intelligence analysts then applied a proprietary scoring rubric to determine the winners.

“Managed services are playing an increasingly important role for office equipment manufacturers and their channel partners,” said Jamie Bsales (pictured), Director of Smart Workplace & Security Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence. “In addition to better-addressing customer needs and helping solve their pain points, a broad portfolio of services can convert a ‘transactional’ customer into a ‘relational’ one, which opens the door for ongoing sales in all areas a vendor offers.”

HP Offers a Complete MPS Program to All Channels It Serves

HP stood out for its broad, complete MPS program offerings available to all channels HP serves. The company has also developed many MPS platform tools. For example, HP Smart Device Services supports a range of remote capabilities, including enhanced diagnostics, predictive capabilities, and proactive resolution of issues. And HP’s Unique JetAdvantage Security Manager service, available as an adjunct to its MPS program, delivers the ability to remotely set, manage, monitor, and auto-remediate security-oriented settings on supported HP devices.

Konica Minolta IT Services Span a Range of Markets and Capabilities

Thanks to its All Covered division, Konica Minolta provides dozens of managed IT services in-house for clients, including PC/server and network infrastructure provisioning and deployment, ongoing infrastructure management, helpdesk outsourcing, remote IT support, and security and compliance assessment/remediation. Services are available for customers of all sizes, not just large enterprises, and strategic acquisitions have garnered the company IT expertise specific to key vertical markets such as education, healthcare, and legal.

Ricoh Embraces a Holistic Approach to Business Process Services

With its Intelligent Business Platform (IBP), Ricoh provides a holistic approach to BPS. This evolving library of services focuses on workflow and process automation, document digitization, intelligent capture, and more. Ricoh constantly refines these offerings and creates new ones. And since IBP is cloud-based, customers get instant access to these enhanced or new services as they are available—no need to constantly install or update software.

Xerox Excels in MPS and BPS

In the MPS portion of the study, Xerox was recognized for its dedication to helping organizations of any size optimize their print and document infrastructure, while also enabling digital transformation through both its direct salesforce and channel partners. On the BPS front, Xerox stood out thanks to it Intelligent Workplace Services portfolio, plus a range of digital services that leverage its software capabilities in workflow automation, personalization and communication software, content management solutions, and digitization services.



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