European Remanufacturer "Landing On" West Africa

European Remanufacturer "Landing On" West Africa

S.E.A Group, a laser toner and inkjet cartridges remanufacturer, is taking Ghana as the stepping-stone to seize the West African market.

As reported by TodayGhanaNews, the media asserted the preparations are far in advance for S.E.A’s flagship “free-tech” products to hit the Ghanaian market and other West African countries in just a few months’ time. China and the United States are high competitors in the Africa markets, and the multinational and local businesses are in need of high quality and affordable laser toners and inkjet cartridges. Market-watchers believe that S.E.A products in Ghana and West Africa will play a key role to the success of these companies.

The remanufacturer owns sales offices in Italy as well as other European countries, two manufacturing plants, and warehouses located in four countries. It produces and distributes its products, customizing them with more than three hundred brands. S.E.A provides raw materials with a selection, which is unrivaled in the market. It also claims that some of the largest names in the industry are their direct competitors.

According to the World Bank and IMF records, starting from January 2017, Ghana’s economy is expected to be the fastest growing economy in sub-Sahara Africa, as the country’s leadership is determined to implement its Economic Transformation and Livelihood Empowerment Program (ETLEP).

The program seeks to create more jobs in several sectors of the economy, with private sector involvement, and is anchored on value addition and diversification on the back of sustainable power supply.

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