Paper Shipments Faced Downturn in America

Paper Shipments Faced Downturn in America

There has been a fall in American Printing-Writing paper shipments, according to the July 2016 Printing-Writing Paper Report.

A report by the American Forest & Paper Association shows a year-on-year decline of 8% in total printing-writing paper shipments in July. Total printing-writing paper inventory, however, rose 4% from June levels.

The specific data includes:

  1.  Uncoated free sheet (UFS) paper shipments dropped 8% in July 2016, compared to the same period last year. UFS imports and exports reduced by 37% and 22%, respectively, in June.
  2.  June coated free sheet (CFS) paper shipments rose 1% compared to July 2015. CFS imports declined 11%, while exports rose 9%.
  3.  Uncoated mechanical (UM) paper shipments has been decreasing annually for its sixth consecutive year, and was down to 19%. UM imports also slumped 26%, but exports upped 5%.
  4.  Coated mechanical (CM) shipments in July lowered 14% from the year before. CM imports grew 9% and exports went down 11%.

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