Epson’s Full Fiscal Year Reports Tap off

Epson has released its financial performance for the full fiscal year (to March 31st, 2016) in Tokyo. Compared with the last fiscal year, net revenue rose 0.6% to almost US$10 billion, while net profit dropped 59.2% to U.S. $408 million.

President Minoru Usui of Seiko Epson commented that the company’s new “line-head” printers—similar to the single-pass, page-wide inkjet print heads used by HP Inc. and Memjet printers—would lead in the coming year’s financial-results report.

In comparison with the previous fiscal year, the revenue of Epson’s Printing Solutions group went up 5.5% while the net profit descended 6.7%, in which the Professional (printing) Systems’ income and the earnings of Printers (for office and SOHO) increased 2.5% and 7.8% respectively.

Epson expressed that the prices of its inkjet printers and All-in-Ones had been eroded “as competitors stepped up promotions,” while for the “improvements” of Epson’s installed inkjet-print base, Epson had witnessed strong sales in its ink and high-capacity ink-tank printers, among which the sales of the high-capacity ink-tank printers “expanding steadily.” Despite the “slow” growth of its large-format printers, Epson claims to be making good preparations for its ongoing development. In addition, the sales of Epson’s office inkjet-printers in advanced economies, has bridged the gap of the reduced sales in emerging markets.


In summary, the sales of Epson’s inkjet products had experienced 1% growth during the whole fiscal year, and it will continue to expand both the sales of high-capacity inkjet printers and professional printing (i.e., graphics-arts printing, textile printing, sign printing, etc.) besides introducing new line-head inkjet printers.

In the fourth quarter of Epson’s fiscal year, its revenue and profits decreased 6.1% and 22.9% respectively, and Epson expects that the sales of both high-capacity ink-tank and office inkjet printers will go down slightly in a low single-digit quantity while its ink’s sales will cut down to a high single-digit amount.

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