New Vacuum Units Designed for Toner

Faroudja Toner has showcased new vacuum cleaning units exclusively designed for toner. Tim Farrell, Marketing Director of Faroudja Toner explains, “These vacuums are deigned specifically and are really useful for any recharger.”

Consumers have two choices of toner vacuums: the Atrix Omega Supreme and the Atrix HDTV high capacity 5 gallons (22.7 litres) unit.

The respective features of these two types of toner vacuums are as follows:

The Atrix Omega Supreme

1. Small and portable;

2. Weigh less than 14 (6.35kgs) pounds;

3. Comes with self-storing utensils:

1) A 12-foot (4m) detachable power cord;

2) A disposable filter cannister.

The Atrix HDTV high capacity 5 gallon (22.7l)

1. Weighs 16 pounds (7.25kgs);

2. Contains a 10-foot (3m) toner proof hose crevice tool with brush;

3. It comes with:

1) A 12-foot (4m) detachable power cord;

2) A foot switch power operator.

4. It uses:

1) A 5 gallon (22.7 litre) disposable bucket;

2) An HP bypass motor.

Phil Faroudja, the company’s president added, “These vacuums are outstanding products and, in our experience, do an excellent job.”

For detailed information, please contact Faroudja Toner by phone at 650-593-3862, fax at 650-593-3817, or visit

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