Print-Rite Delivers Compatible Chip for Brother Ink Cartridges

Brother had launched several types of inkjet and multi-function printers around the world, in the last 12 months, which all use the new ink cartridge LC10E/12E/15E/20E/22E/23E. The ink chip technology of some belong to the Brother-I Generation, while others belong to the Brother-II Generation. Brother will continue to produce new printer models and inkjet cartridges in the future.

In response, Print-Rite Technology Co. has released compatible consumable chips for Brother MFC-6925DW/MFC-5920DW multi-function printers and more models will be subsequently added in the future. Print-Rite Technology Co. says it is a company that aims to provide its customers with high quality products and more choices, and develops new products accordingly.

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