Ricoh Awarded for Sustainable Business

Ricoh Asia Pacific announced the receiving of the Sustainable Business Awards Singapore 2014 in November.

The OEM stated that the award recognized it for its waste management and material productivity over the entire product lifecycle, including associated upstream and downstream processes.

“How products are treated at the end of life is sometimes neglected. At Ricoh, we strive to minimize our environmental impact from resource extraction, energy consumption, chemical discharges, emissions and other activities, and to conserve the Earth’s precious resources. We established The Comet Circle™ to support realization of a sustainable society from the manufacturing and marketing of products to reducing the environmental impact over the entire product lifecycle.” said Mr. Ken Tokuhiro, Senior General Manager of Ricoh Asia Pacific & China, who received the award during the ceremony.

“We are very happy and motivated to once again be recognized for our sustainable business as this award does not only focus on our innovative products and solutions technologies, but also assessed the overall perspective of our business in a comprehensive framework of the business.” said Mr. Nobuaki Majima, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific & China.

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