Epson Introduces New Photo Printer

Epson Introduces New Photo Printer

Epson Introduces New Photo Printer

Epson introduces new photo printer models SC-P5350 for the SureColor series, which will be released on January 26.

The new printer aims to cater to demands for printing photos and incorporates a total of 10 pigment inks for optimal color reproduction. It can support paper size up to A2 plus and be installed on desktop, which is ideal for space-limited environments like design studios and retail stores. The printer also features a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch panel for convenient and efficient operation.Epson Introduces New Photo Printer

Enhanced Ink Management

When printing on different types of papers, the printer traditionally needs to switch between photo black ink and matte black ink. However, SC-P5350 revolutionizes this process. Unlike its predecessors, SC-P5050V and SC-P5050G, which shared the same ink path, SC-P5350 is equipped with two separate nozzles. This allows each ink to be ejected independently without the need for unnecessary switching.Epson Introduces New Photo Printer

Violet Ink: More Vivid Blue Colors

In addition to normal ink colors, the new printer is equipped with violet ink that guarantees more faithful delivery of blue colors. Printed photos will now possess more vibrancy in colors.

Light Grey Ink: Seamless Gradation, Reduced Graininess

The application of light grey ink in SC-P5350 serves two essential purposes. Firstly, it enhances the overall consistency of ink distribution, leading to optimized gloss and improved print quality.Epson Introduces New Photo Printer

Secondly, it introduces a new feature known as black enhancement overcoat, allowing the printer to accurately depict the depth and richness of black colors while minimizing the bronzing effect, a phenomenon that will change how colors are presented due to reflected lights. Thanks to this feature, now printed photos are less influenced by variations of lights and environments, faithfully capturing the original exquisiteness.Epson Introduces New Photo Printer



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