Epson MFP Recognized for Saving Energy

Epson MFP Recognized for Saving Energy

Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise LM-C6000, LM-C5000, and LM-C4000 linehead inkjet multifunction printers have been recgonized for their outstanding energy-saving capabilities at the 2023 Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation event, organized by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan.

Under the category of Product & Business Model, Epson’s MFP model was honored with the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner’s Award.

Epson MFP Recognized for Saving Energy

  • Advantages

Office multifunction printers typically require a printing speed of 30-59 pages per minute (ppm). While laser printers have traditionally served this purpose, their substantial electricity consumption due to heat generation remains a significant drawback. Epson’s MFP model presents a solution that meets both performance and energy efficiency standards.

On the one side, the PrecisionCore printhead allows the printer to deliver images at the speed of 60 ppm while guaranteeing exceptional print quality. On the other side, the MFP uses heat-free technology to inject ink, eliminating excessive energy consumption. An additional circuit unit also reduces electricity usage during active and sleep modes. Compared to the previous LX-6050MF model, the latest LM-C6000 boasts a typical electricity consumption (TEC) that is 39% lower, resulting in an energy-saving rate of 437%.

Yoichi Yamada, deputy chief officer of the Printing Solutions Operations Division, expressed deep appreciation for the model. He stressed their ambitions to pursue environmental sustainability and user experience, acclaiming the product as an inspiring advancement.


  • Key Features

Energy Efficiency: By eliminating the use of heat, the printer only consumes at most 190 W of electricity while operating at a ppm of 60. Even during disasters when power supply is inhibited, it can still function normally thanks to its low energy consumption.

Resource Conservation: The printer’s cartridge has an impressive capacity, capable of printing 30,000 color pages and 50,000 monochrome pages. In addition, the simple structure requires minimal parts replacement, thus reducing resources needed for long-term maintenance.

Space Optimization: The model features a more compact design, enabling convenient installation. In the event of a paper jam, users can easily resolve it by simply opening and closing the cover on the right side. Furthermore, the absence of functional parts allows for placement against a wall.


The model is scheduled to be displayed at the upcoming ENEX2024 Award event held in Tokyo Big Sight from January 31, 2024 to February 2, 2024. The official awarding ceremony will take place on the first day of the event.


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