Epson Expects Global Inkjet Printer Market to Hit US$1 Billion in 2015

Seiko Epson estimated the global inkjet printer market in 2015 to comprise 70 million in unit shipments compared with laser printer shipments expected to reach around 40 million.

As reported by Digitimes, Seiko Epson’s forecast shows the inkjet printer market value will total ¥12.8 trillion (US$1.07 billion) despite an expected overall decline in shipments during 2015. Inkjet printers in the residential and commercial segments are expected to account for ¥3 trillion(US$251 million), black and white inkjet printers more than ¥4 trillion (US$334 million) and colored inkjet printers ¥4.5 trillion(US$376 million).

Also, the OEM noted that printer market revenue in Japan dropped 10% year on year in 2014, as vendors such as Canon used low-priced solutions to boost their market share. Heading into 2015, the China market is expected to show slight growth but the overall market will decline globally. Inkjet printer shipments in Taiwan will reach around 400,000 while laser printer shipments will achieve 180,000 units.
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