A.Q.C. Group Merges with UIT

Pompano Beach, Florida-based AQC Group, a pioneer toner manufacturer since 1986, announces that owners Thea and Mitchell Howard have decided to retire from this business, and in October this year AQC Group, LLC sold the AQC brand and all its intellectual property to UIT, a private investment group.

As AQC Group closes, a new Advanced Quality Company, LLC emerges. The new company will continue to manufacture their products in South Florida, which is the gateway to the growing markets of Central and South America, while leasing the Florida building, factory and other assets that were taken over by an investment bank.

Besides, current A.Q.C Group top executives are joining the new company. Alan Kronstat will step in as General Manager and Business Manager & Director of Worldwide Sales.  Marcus Wingate is joining the company as Director of Operations and will be responsible for R&D, production and all factory operations.

“We are very excited to have such solid ownership. The new owners are revitalizing the company with investments in equipment and a strong desire to manufacture new and better products, reflected on our new company name “Advanced Quality Company”, asserts Alan Kronstat. “The new insight and direction that are being provided to us, will allow us to continue to be relevant in a quickly changing industry.”

Alan continues by saying that “A.Q.C., LLC will bring significant value to their customers by continuing to provide the same high quality AQC products at competitive pricing, as well as a much larger variety of toners, developers and supplies, all the while focusing on a very personalized and efficient service”.

Regarding the new energy within the company, Marcus Wingate opines, “It is refreshing to know that I now have the support of ownership to expand our product line, and go into new products that I was previously unable to do.” He continues with saying that “the visions that I have had for the company for years now look like a reality.”

The new company looks forward to expanding their U.S and worldwide business as a whole.

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