RTMWorld VIP expo MEA

Enhancing Experience Through Social Engagement

Enhancing Experience Through Social Engagement

To foster meaningful networking interactions between suppliers and buyers, C-RT, the organizer of RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expo, has reinvented the traditional expo model so that busy decision-makers can get to a business event near them.

The roadshow event, which will provide an intense, one-day opportunity for buyers to meet suppliers of printers, copiers, parts, and supplies, comes packed with social attributes that will help the organizers better understand the needs of the regional markets.

RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expo-MEA 2024

“Participating in an expo goes beyond business transactions,” said David Gibbons, Director of International Communications and Projects. “It’s about forging connections with industry peers and staying abreast with the latest market developments.”

Since 2019, the RTMworld VIP events have integrated social functions into its one-day event held across Egypt, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina and Brazil, creating conducive environments for buyers and suppliers to engage in more relaxed networking.

RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expo-MEA 2024

RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expo-MEA 2024


Again, this year, working lunches, coffee breaks, and cocktail functions will be held at each RTMWorld VIP expo, which will be held in Nigeria (Lagos), Kenya (Nairobi), and the UAE (Dubai) between April 21 to April 30.

RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expo-MEA 2024

David Gibbons added, “Our primary objective is to enhance the overall experience for our visitors and exhibitors.”

With three weeks to go, more than 80 suppliers have confirmed their participation in the VIP expo. Due to increased interest in the Dubai destination, the organizers may have to relocate the coffee and cocktail space to accommodate the increase in participants.

gustavoImporters, distributors, and big buyers from Nigeria, Kenya, UAE or neighboring countries, are invited to participate and meet the best suppliers of printers and copier supplies from China and India.

The event will be by invitation only. Contact Gustavo Molinatti NOW to obtain a free VIP ticket.

Click here to learn more about the RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expo-MEA 2024.

In June, RTMWorld VIP Imaging Expos will be held in the Americas. Events are planned for Chile (Santiago), Peru (Lima), and Brazil (Sao Paulo) from June 17-25. More information is available (scroll down to the second half of the page).




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