EFI Wins Inkjet Patent Suit

EFI, the digital printing solution company, has announced victory from a patent infringing lawsuit in UK.

Cretaprint, a subsidiary under EFI, was accused of ceramic digital inkjet patent infringement by Kerajet in May 2011. Jose Vicente Tomás Claramonte, the president of Kerajet, chases after EFI Cretaprint tightly through the case. EFI, on the other end, rejects Kerajet’s claim and alleges its patent invalid.

The Commercial Court in Valencia agreed with EFI and dismissed the suit. Kerajet then turns to a court in UK, but the result is still in EFI’s favor.

“The court’s ruling vindicates what we have maintained all along: that Claramonte’s lawsuit was baseless and that his patent is invalid,” said EFI’s general counsel, Bryan Ko, “We will not tolerate meritless claims being filed against us, and we will, as we always have, vigorously defend ourselves and our intellectual property rights.”

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