Two Aftermarket Manufacturers Response to Canon Case

Canon recently announced it has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) against 33 manufacturers, distributors and sellers of toner cartridges for infringement of 9 patents. The patents related to a “dongle type rotating arm on the OPC drum used in more than 50 models of Canon and Hewlett-Packard laser beam printers”.

Following Print-Rite, another two aftermarket remanufacturers have responded to Canon’s action, namely Ninestar Image Tech Ltd., and Katun Corporation.

Ninestar says it respects OEM’s rights, while it will support its products and protect its customers and partners with all its strength and resources. In addition to discussing with its US lawyers, Ninestar notes it will take actions to defend its products if necessary and appropriate. The company also expresses its confidence in continuous and reliable supply and is proud of its technology.

William McIntyre, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel at Katun, explains, “For 35 years Katun has led the industry in providing IP-compliant, high-quality, OEM-equivalent aftermarket products. We continue to make significant annual investment in support of our robust processes for ensuring IP compliance, which are supported by our team of in-house Intellectual Property attorneys who, combined, have more than 20 years of IP and industry experience. Accordingly, Katun is confident the product we are selling is IP-compliant. Our subject matter expertise is a key component of our product strategy and will be the driving factor in bringing this issue to resolution.”

Legal issues will be discussed at the RT Imaging Summit being held at the new South Point Casino in Las Vegas on May 29 and 30. Two of the industry’s most experienced patent attorneys in North America, Steve Adkins and Ed O’Connor, will engage with the aftermarket industry to help clarify the role of the ITC, and find solutions for this and other actions by the OEMs. More information is available at

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