Cartridge-Free MFP to Save 90% Waste

Fuji Xerox has announced the launch of its first cartridge-free MFP, promising to cut 90% waste for its customers.

Compared with common inkjet printers, The ColorQube 8900 uses solid ink sticks instead of liquid ink as its consumable. The invention, dragged itself from the limit of ink cartridges, has soon earned popularity among channels.

Fuji Xerox says the machine can save as much as 90% printing-related waste compared with laser devices. It is also certified by Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) to have 30 percent bio-derived renewable material content.

Many believe the eco-friendly feature of the printer can boost new business opportunities.

“Our original intention was to launch the product prior to Christmas, so we’ve managed to presell over twenty units without even launching into the market,” says Toope, marketing and channel operations manager for Fuji Xerox Printers Australia.

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