105 Epson Printer Models Support Apple AirPrint

Epson marks a footprint to join the trend of mobile printing by laying support for Apple AirPrint in its 105 printer models.

105 Epson printer models are acknowledged by the OEM to support Airprint which makes it more convenient to print photos, web pages, emails and documents from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch directly.

Epson’s present AirPrint-supported printers have been expanded by over 80 percent compared to last year, aiming to offer customers a broad range of mobile printing choices.

Ian Cameron, general manager, Global Web & Communications, Seiko Epson Corporation, said that Epson’s extensive support for AirPrint fulfills their commitment to offer easy printing methods that satisfy people’s enhancing mobile business and life. Thus, AirPrint support is significant for Epson to act decently in the booming trend.

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