Different Perspective on HP JetIntelligence

Different Perspective on HP JetIntelligence

Well known international toner Consultant John Marshall, based in the UK, debunked the myths and mysteries about HP’s JetIntelligence technology at the RT Imaging Summit.

Marshall separated the “wheat from the chaff” for the 118 attendees, showing what is real and what is the “hot air”. In his view, HP over-advertised the new low fusing, higher yield JetIntelligence printers technically, in performances, and features, through inaccurate comparison and marketing strategies.

Speaking of the technical challenges JetIntelligence might bring to the aftermarket, Marshall pointed out there is no real challenge from the perceived “complex” and “troublesome” cartridge. With the assistance of excellent graphics and photos he demonstrated that the internal seal is not really something new, and the “hopper within a hopper” is not insurmontable. He went on to say that replicating the new chip technology used in the JetIntelligence could be a real successful story for the aftermarket, as HP’s new chip is really smalland smooth with all the components are packed inside.

Marshall talked about the formulas required to produce “Core/shell” toner. Marshall concluded ColorSphere 3 might be the “Game Changer”, but only time will tell.

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