Consumers Give Thumbs Up to Aftermarket Cartridges

A German-based company that makes, markets and distributes stationery products throughout Europe has been highly commended by consumers for their aftermarket printer cartridges.

The results of a consumer test conducted on Edding branded cartridges by independent market research institute Opinion, have been published on the German-based PBS-Business website.

According to The Recycler, the study covered Edding’s 140 aftermarket cartridges for a variety of OEM products, including HP, Canon, Brother and Epson. Results show 454 consumers rated the cartridges’ print quality “on a scale from one to seven, with an average score of six recorded”.

PBS-Business notes 91% of the respondents say the quality of Edding’s products are “even better or just as good” as the cartridge “commonly used” by them, referring to the OEM. Of all respondents, 76% maintained they would use Edding products again. In addition, 88% said they could easily handle the cartridges when asked about more detailed criteria such as, the color brilliance, selectivity and ink drying. Over 75% noted installation was easily and quickly accomplished.

Upon considering the survey results, PBS-Business concluded that consumers who have used OEM cartridges, are quite likely to change to the Edding’s aftermarket brand.

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