Opens Online Store in the UAE

According to,, a new graduate of the i360 accelerator program in Dubai, launched the largest online store for school and office supplies in the UAE region. I360 is a 120-day seed business growth organization offering management training, marketing and investment counsel. said it aims to obtain at least 10% of the local market share, which is worth 1.6 billion Emirati Dirham (AED), about US$436 million, consisting of 800,000 school children, 100,000 university students, and 240,000 small businesses in the country.
Walied Albasheer, Co-Founder and CEO of, claims they plan to offer products at lower prices than its brick-and-mortar competitors, yet still earn a 30% to 40% margin. At the same time, the firm also has a B2B plan to partner with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and educational institutions around UAE to capture about 20% to 25% of its revenue, says Albasheer.

Albasheer and his two partners applied and were accepted at the i360 accelerator. They won the inaugural Pitch for Investment competition at the SME Congree and Expo earlier in December 2013, earning a US $5,000 management training course provided by IIR Middle East and two Business Class Flights from the event’s Official Carrier, Etihad Airways.

Further, reporters revealed that and other i360 graduates from the accelerator will next pitch for investment at an upcoming demo day on January 18th.

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