Print-Rite Explains its IP Safe Solution for the EP ‘289 Patent

The company emphasize and explains its non-infringing solution applies to the following products:

HPQ CB540~543A / CE320~323A / CF210~ 213A/ CAN 131

HPQ CC530~533A / CE410~413A/ CF380~383A / CAN 118.

The detail explanation is as below:

Canon has recently been filing Report Infringement Form with Amazon based on the alleged use of claims 1 and 2 of EP ‘289 regarding the cartridge models “CB540A” and “CB542A” sold by online retailers. This case largely affects the online retailers of these products, as well as the one from offline. An immediate solution is required.

With over 38 years of R&D experience in the imaging supplies industry, Print-Rite has already developed an IP safe solution in 2014 to address this issue. Unlike the OEM product, the DR and OPC will not be separated during cleaning cycle in our SmarTact product. The high efficiency combo of the cartridge gives high page yield and do not need a cleaning cycle. This simplified cleaning cycle makes the cartridge to have a more stable printing performance. The high transfer rate toner powder and corresponding OPC reduce the waste of toner powder.

The solution was launched to the market over 5 years. Print-Rite receives no quality issue from the cartridge with this design throughout these years. This proves that our solution on EP ‘289 gives a simple and reliable mechanism to the cartridge.

Print-rite always put IP in the first priority. We work hard to develop IP safe products for our partners. In terms of IP safe manufacturers, Print-Rite’s effort makes it one of the safest in compatible consumable industry in China.

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