US Ruling Clears ReTECH of Violating Brother GEO

US Ruling Clears ReTECH of Violating Brother GEO

US Ruling Clears ReTECH of Violating Brother GEO

US Ruling Clears ReTECH of Violating Brother GEOChina-based Zhuhai Chaojun ReTECH (ReTECH) has been granted approval by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to sell its own series of compatible Brother TN-760 cartridges in the United States.

ReTECH has developed and holds its own patents for this series of cartridge products.

The 337-1174 case attracted a lot of attention from the global printing supplies industry as early as August 2019 following action taken by Brother and its affiliates to have the products barred from distribution and sale in America.

In July 2022, ReTECH announced on WeChat it had successfully filed its self-patented workaround solution for the Brother TN-760 series of cartridges on the CBP e-Recordation system in the USA.

The CBP approval of that application confirms that ReTECH’s product does not infringe Brother’s patents and does respect the intellectual property of the printer OEM.

“Receiving this customs approval is equivalent to obtaining a license to trade in the world’s biggest market,” said Steven Wang (pictured above), the General Sales Manager at ReTECH. ReTECH, a third-party toner cartridge maker, is a subsidiary company owned by Hubei Dinglong.

The proportion of seized infringing products, mainly coming from a number of Chinese manufacturers had continued to increase year by year. According to Wang, ReTECH took the view to independently research and develop a respectful, non-infringing solution backed up by the resources of the Dinglong Group’s industrial chain and automated production lines.

“It means we are able to provide a competitive, compatible TN-760 product for the US market backed by our own patent-safe solution for all our global partners as well,” Wang added.

Retech has stood by hundreds of domestic and foreign dealers for the past 21 years since its foundation. “What is gratifying is that we have a strong team to provide continuous support, “said Wang. “It is a sophisticated aligned strategy to have our well-qualified, coordinated, scientific, systematic and strategic team in place.”

“In the future, Retech will continue to strive for further innovation, to expand our R&D and technical teams, and to provide all of our partners with a one-stop printing consumable solution that saves time and strength.”



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