Chipjet Responds to HP Latest Firmware Upgrade

Chipjet Responds to HP Latest Firmware Upgrade

As detected, HP W1106A/W2070A compatible chips were not recognized by 150nw printer due to HP’s latest firmware upgrade.

Chipjet Responds to HP Latest Firmware Upgrade

In response to this issue, Chipjet immediately purchased related printers produced in June 2022. According to testing, Chipjet compatible chips (V1.11 version, after May 19) can resist printer upgrade.

Models not influenced:

Chipjet Responds to HP Latest Firmware Upgrade

Chipjet“As a world-leading chip solution provider in the print consumables industry, Chipjet adds defensive measures in chip design and responds quickly when printer firmware upgrading happens. We solve problems as soon as possible and provide the best technical support and service to our customers,” said the spokesman of Chipjet.

Previously, Chipjet launched two upgraded smart cartridge test machines — PT Station and PT Station SE which support cartridges of different brands, models and generations.

The main functions were cartridge installation test, circuit test, model recognition, and printhead test.

Chipjet claimed that PT Station could print test pages, which made it easy to understand the condition of target cartridges.



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