ChipJet ChipStation Offers Solution to Firmware Upgrade

ChipJet ChipStation Offers Solution to Firmware Upgrade

ChipJet ChipStation Offers Solution to Firmware Upgrade

Statistically, the frequency of OEM firmware upgrade is ascending year by year, with over a thousand OEM firmware upgrades issued from 2019 to 2020. This phenomenon frustrates not only chip designers and consumables manufacturers, but also the whole industry, including channels and end customers.

To this end, China-based Hangzhou Chipjet Technology has announced the release of its firmware upgrade intelligent management system.

According to Chipjet, the compact-size device, namely ChipStation, is equipped with a full touch screen.

“The ChipStation upgrade management system is finally launched to market thanks to Chipjet’s technical breakthroughs in hundreds of procedures from R & D to production and testing. It can solve the conflict between product upgrade and inventory management successfully,” says the company.

The company claims that this system has three advantages as below:

  • Portable write head, convenient and efficient
  • Promoted efficiency, reduce time and labour cost;
  • Upgraded remote in-time monitoring program and don’t need manual operation

Chipjet claims that ChipStation firmware upgrade solution can finish upgrading swiftly only requiring the write head to target chips on the toner or ink cartridge. The unique “fool-proofing mode” can avoid wrong data written on chips caused by wrongly or unsuccessfully burnt program in manual operation.

Featuring a weight of 450g and compact size, the device is easy to carry. “When OEM firmware upgrades happen, end-users don’t have to spend time on waiting for after-sales service and can write data on chips with the ChipStation Intelligent Firmware upgrade Management System by themselves, which will greatly increase work efficiency of enterprises, reduce the inventory pressure, as well as time and freight cost. This is a vital tool for enterprises to promote their industrial competitiveness,” says the company.



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