Chinese Remanufacturer Opens Czech Republic Facility

Speed Infotech, the China-based inkjet cartridge remanufacturer has opened its new European subsidiary Speed Infotech Czech s.r.o. in Moravský Písek.

The new company will be headed up by Cory Holtkamp (pictured), a twenty-five-year industry veteran working in Europe and Asia and establishing and running production and support facilities.

Holtkamp heads up a team of 6 experienced technical staff who have an impressive one hundred years’ experience between them.

Holtkamp said, “Our team has more than 15 years’ experience in R&D, Production, Quality inspections departments, administration, warehousing, recycling centre.” He expects this initiative will play a major role in delivering an improved service and technical support for Speed Infotech’s customers. “It will provide a range of highly flexible services from 48-hour deliveries to technical support, product training, resetting and repacking services. All tailored to our customers’ requirements,” Holtkamp added.

Holtcamp told RT Media the new venture will focus on aftersales for all its existing European customers. “At this time, all products are delivered from our China facility, but in the future they could be delivered, for selected customers, directly from our facility here in the Czech Republic.” He added, “Once everything is running smoothly we will keep the option open for production on selected products.”

Speed Infotech CEO and co-founder Benjamin Young said of the expansion “The European market has been growing for some time and this summer we spent several weeks talking with new and established customers to see how we could help them grow. The challenges were clear; our customers wanted faster response times, urgent deliveries within forty-eight hours and real-time technical support. The key to getting closer to our customers and providing them with a full suite of support services was to open a facility in Europe. We were able to hire an experienced team suitable facilities were readily available, so it made sense to bring the people and the facility together and create our new company Speed Infotech Czech s.r.o. The Czech Republic is a great place to do business with a growing economy and a central location to expand the support we provide our European customers.”

Speed Infotech Czech s.r.o is located at Kovodělská 62, 696 85 Moravský Písek, Czech Republic. Email The contact person is Cory Holtkamp, email

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