Recyca Acquired Cartridge4Kika

Recyca, Belgium’s leading empty cartridge collector, just recently completed the acquisition of Cartridge4KiKa. This strengthens Recyca’s position as important empty cartridge collector in the Dutch market even more.

New collection boxes and a new website will add to a clear communication with our clients in the Netherlands. With a new and improved interface we will be able to expand our collection portfolio and inform our clients we also collect e-waste besides the empty cartridges e.g. This way our clients are able to support the KiKa foundation even more.

Cartridge4Kika collected empty toner and ink cartridges in the Netherlands. Recyca has been working with Cartridge4KiKa as their logistic partner for two years. At that point we stayed on the background and were responsible for the collection, checking, sorting and qualification of their empty cartridges.The funds they raised with their collection program were donated to KiKa.

KiKa is an abbreviation for Kinder Kanker meaning children’s cancer. KiKa is a Dutch Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) an independent non-profit organization that is funded by public and corporate donations.

KiKa raises funds which are used to develop new and improved treatments for curing children’s cancer.  Furthermore they aim to reduce the impact of cancer by offering services to ensure children and their families are supported, informed and well cared for on their journey with cancer.

More specific KiKa’s strives for more:

·Cancer research

·improving the quality of care for pediatric cancer patients

·trying to decrease the side effects after cancer treatment and its effects in a later stadium

KiKa targets to increase the chance of cure to 95% by 2025.  In order to achieve this there is still lots of expensive research needed.

Recyca is looking to improve and expand the collection programs and it’s contents in order to support KiKa for many years to come.

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