Wireless Printers Market Forecast 2017-2025

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Wireless Printers Market Projected to Grow Steadily During 2017-2025

Wireless printers refer to those printers that the customers can connect to their devices such as smartphone, and tablets with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mediums such as AirPrint and Cloud. The global wireless printers market is expected to witness a steady growth during the forecast period due to its increasing adoption by the consumers as it helps them to operate multiple devices as a single unit.

Consumers can use their tablets or smartphones to print bills, office documents or any other documents. The global wireless printer market is expected to witness a progressive growth in the coming years due to the rising demand for wireless printers in the IT industry coupled with low operating cost.

Moreover, the increasing demand for laptops and PCs in offices and homes is boosting the demand for wireless printers market. The new–age wireless printers such as inkjet printers are capable of ultra-high volume printing and they also reduce the average cost per color impression thereby increasing their demand across various end users. In addition, the rapid rise in the number of internet users across the globe have also revolutionized the wireless printer market. People have now access to vast amount of data that needs to be printed.

However in spite of so many driving factors, the wireless printers have high maintenance cost and can also give access to confidential and critical information due to the fact that they are exposed to various network vulnerability risks. This is predicted to inhibit its growth rate to some extent in the coming years from 2017 to 2025.

To provide detailed research report, the global wireless printers market is classified on the basis of technology, end user and geography. By technology the wireless printer market is segmented into wireless inkjet printers and wireless laser printers.

Among the different technologies that are available in the market, the wireless inkjet printers segment is expected to grow at a highest rate during the forecast period as the inkjet printers can print faster than laser printers and are better prepared to handle high volume print jobs. In addition the recent advancement in wireless inkjet printers that include the invention of UV curable inkjet printers have increased their demand. This technologically advanced wireless inkjet printers are used mainly in industrial sector due to the factors like quality, low cost and durability.

The integration of wireless technology with inkjet printers have led to the fast adoption of these printers among the consumers. The end user segment is further divided into educational institutions, healthcare, IT sector, industrial, banking and financial and others. IT sector is expected to hold the largest market share due to its low cost in printing various documents through wireless that helps them to save time as these are able to print large number of documents at a time. In addition the trend of integrating wireless device with office infrastructure is likely to increase the growth rate of the global wireless printer market in this sector.

Geographically, the global wireless printer market has been further segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. North America held the largest share of the Wireless Printer market among the different regions in 2016 owing to the high demand for wireless management frame protection (MFP) in this region. On the flip side, the wireless printer market of Asia Pacific is majorly driven by the Japan owing to the presence of a large number of wireless printer manufacturers in the country. Some of the key vendors operating in the global Wireless Printer market includes Brother Industries (Japan), Canon Inc., (Japan), Hewlett Packard (The U.S), Seiko Epson (Japan), Kyocera (Japan), Ricoh (Japan) and many more.

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